Grades don’t measure intelligence, and age doesn’t define maturity.

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i agree that ideals are put on society by the media and shit like that - ideals that make people think being skinny is attractive or something, and i completely agree that’s wrong. WHATEVER BODY YOU HAVE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL
That’s why these pictures make me so angry. WHATEVER body shape you have is okay. Just because you are skinny,
it doesn’t mean you are automatically confident with your body, so it is NOT okay to call people “skinny bitches” or tell them they’re less attractive than curvier people.
If someone called someone a ‘fat bitch’ they would instantly be shot down by others because it is obviously completely not acceptable to call someone that. If someone gets bullied for being fat, they are offered help and attention immediately (as they should be) But for some reason, it is okay to call someone a “skinny bitch” and when someone gets teased for being skinny, no one takes them seriously because they just assume they are confident and happy.
I am quite a skinny person myself, and I am extremely unconfident with my body, because of these pictures above. yes, I have a flat tummy, but I have tiny boobs. And I have been called anorexic and people laugh at that because they assume I’m okay with my body, and the worst thing is they expect me to laugh along too.
so I guess what I’m trying to say is, discrimination against skinny people is just as bad as discrimination against fat people. EVERY ONE HAS FEELINGS
everyone is beautiful, no matter what body size you have so PLEASE don’t post pictures like these ones again.